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Just finished setting up the 2011SBS server, converted over from 2003 Standard and 2003 ExchangeSP2.
Internal and outbound mail work fine. outbound to inbound does not work.
I went through the troubleshooter and it did send an email to an internal user, but there was an error message. Mail submission failed: Error message: Server does not support secure connections.

Using the EMC under Organization Configuration/Hub Transport/Edge Subscriptions Tab there is nothing...should there be something there?

I looked at the receive connector (setup by default, I assume) and permissions does have Anonomous users ticked.
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by:Posted on 2012-03-11 at 13:12:34ID: 37707594

Have you not followed any of exchange 2003 to exchange 2010 migration guides?
That group would be removed with proper procedure of removing exchange 2003 server from exchange organization. Look at the end of this document:
The other (by Microsoft unsupported procedure) is by using adsiedit.
Are you still capable of changing the configuration of SBS2011 in such way that it will be again capable of communicating with old exchange server? In that way could be able to finish properly the migration using the guide.

Have you transfered all FSMO roles from old domain controller to SBS 2011?
I guess the old domain controller will be demoted and removed from your network?

For troubleshoot SMTP receive connector try to enable SMTP logging an that receive connector and check the logs.

I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with Postini, but maybe (I say not likely) you need to change some setting on their side?
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