Physical Volume Library Drive not available.

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    I'm having a problem with symantec Backup Exec.
    I want to take a backup from my server on a NAS. This backup worked in the past, but suddenly it stopped working

    I always get the error:
    Error category    : Backup Device ErrorsError             : e000810c - Physical Volume Library Drive not available.

    My devices are offline. When i change them to online, there's no problem but once i launch the backup they change to offline.

    What can i do about this?

    thanks in advance

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    by:Posted on 2009-12-17 at 09:38:29ID: 26073766

    I would suggest is to update BE to the latest patches and sp's (SP3) i think is the latest

    have you tried stoppin and restarting backupexec services via "tools" menu in BE and then see what happens ?

    also, try creating another shared folder (a new one) add that as a device in BE and see if that helps ?

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